How to change battery in Remington shaver

How to change battery in Remington shaver

Remington has made his name all over worldwide. Remington products which is commonly known as just Remington which has made it a very profitable company and name as personal care company.How to change battery in Remington shaver

It is complete package of personal care. It is associated with manufacturing of razors (shavers)hair care brands for both men and women. Remington it is a formation of E. REMINGTON AND SON’s who founded in 1816.

Remington has many products other than firearms such as sewing machine and farm implements which is invented by Christopher Sholes. In year 2003,Kiama family and Vaster who sell Remington to battery company Rayovac.

Remington shaver Change battery

As Remington is for bothmen and women and has made benchmark in its field.The shaver gives a best comfort and its durability.

Remington batter shaver can be replaced by few tools. But the most important aspect of replacing is you have to see how the shaver works before you experiment it. To begin with:

First and basic

  • you need to remove the screw whether it is 2-4 from back of the Remington shaver.
  • By using a flat blade screwdriver remove the back cover and also try to remove it gently so that it won’t pop off by itself.
  • If the cover doesn’t come off check the rubber grip on back side and peel it off so that you can see 2 more hidden screw. Remove the screw.

Remove the battery second important

  • Now remove the battery from the base of grip by removing one side by flat blade screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the battery from the bracket which is on circuit board by cutting off 2 wires from the battery board.
  • Generally, Remington products have battery of AA-size or either 2-3 packs battery.
  • By extracting small screw driver remove the cover of shaver of circuit board.
  • Now lift and assemble the rotary shaver by cutting blades out of notched grooves on head pushing the tip of a head screw driver if necessary, pop it out.
  • keep apart the rotary blade and place it separate blades, gear, retainer plate and head frame which is like triangle shaped with three holed on its side.
  • Now disconnect the 2 wires off using soldering iron and melt away by securing two wires to battery compartment.

Insert new battery

  • Now insert new battery, by using a plastic tweezers to slide it and clip it.
  • Try to avoid touching battery surface because our body contain oil and salt so battery should not get in contact with corrosion.
  • Once the battery is placed, replace all the necessary elements which were removed during replacement and check all the things and the place a back cover and fixed it properly.
  • Hence the replacement of Remington battery shaver can be done with the help of above process.

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As we say “old is gold” similarly Remington is a trustable company which gives best products all over with a best compliance. It’s a kind of best appliances for both men and women for personal care.