How to check Albertsons schedule

How to check Albertsons schedule

An American grocery company which founded more than 80 years ago in July, 1915, in Boise, Idaho by Joe Albertson. It is private retailer or grocery type industry. There are about 250,000 associates are working in company. And the number of locations of Albertsons supermarket is 2268, according to the record of the last year.

How to check Albertsons schedule

The variety products served by this super store as Deli, Bakery products, Snacks, Liquor, Meat, frozen foods, grocery etc.

Business schedule of Albertsons:

  • Albertsons Store hours –

The regular hours of operation of Albertsons stores from Monday to Sunday, starts from 6.00 am of every morning and it serves till 01.00 am of midnight.

  • Albertsons Pharmacy unit hours –

The Pharmacy store opening and closing time is same for Monday to Friday as it opens on 9.00 am of every morning and closes on 9.00 pm of night.

On Saturday, the pharmacy store opens at 9.00 and closes on 5.00pm and on Sunday it will be open on 10.00 am of morning and will be close on 6.00pm.

How to check Albertson’s schedule?

The working schedule of every employee is available on the following websites which accessed by only employees of store because these are only provided for them. The requirements during login is Login Id or Employee Id of store and password. Employee is able to access working schedule from:

  1. Albertson’s Login – Safeway my schedule –
  2. Sign in –
  3. Albertson’s Employee Resource Centre –
  4. App Store –

You are able to download android app and you can easily access your working and overtime schedule without wasting more time.

Customers are able to check working schedule of store by asking Manager so store via call or mail. You can also contact customer support team of store.

Pay Scale at Albertsons store:

In the United States, hourly pay for employees of Albertsons store as –

  1. Customer Service Supervisor – $10.57 per hour.
  2. Maintenance Engineer – $28.00.
  3. Meat carver – $18,000 per year.
  4. Pharmacist – $129,767.
  5. Cashier of store – $11 per hour.
  6. Assistance Store Director – $62,375 per year.
  7. Night stocker – $11 per hour.
  8. Bagger – $9 per hour.

Every employee of various departments pays with average salary of $12.86 per hour which ranges from $9.00 to $21.00. The increment based on experience in service of store.

Holiday hours of Albertsons store:

On New Year’s Day, Thanks giving day and Christmas day, the store service is closed. Actually, these are holidays for each employee of store.

The Albertsons supermarket is not closed on the holidays like Columbus Day, Labour day, Easter Monday, Cinco de Mayo, Good Friday, Tax Day, Black Friday etc. The best offers are given by team to customers as a return gift of visit to store on holiday also. So, on these days, the store team earn more profit than other days.

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